A.K.A:  The Orphanage

In the course of my work, life and travels I come across some too-hard to pass up, one-off "orphaned" chairs.  These come into the inventory by various routes, but once there, I find it pretty impossible to do anything other than try to re-home them.

These special characters are listed in the Inventory category of the shop - the photos show them in their current state - usually shabby, or undressed, often showing the signs of a hard life - but the one thing they share in common is good bones (the chair equivalent of cheekbones in humans) and potential for spectacular makeovers.

Price shown is usually for the chair fully refurbished plus the cost of fabric. This is because fabric prices vary so much the final quote will be greatly affected by that choice.

There is a wide and eclectic range of fabric samples on display in the Rapt showroom - ranging in price from $30/m up to $300/m.  I specialise in helping clients find the perfect fabric for their project and will take as long as necessary to achieve that.

Sometimes I'm happy to part with the chair in its current condition, in which case the price for that is shown too.

Check out the Instagram, FB and blog to see examples of past transformations from the inventory.