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By popular demand Rapt is pleased to now be offering Private Lessons in Upholstery and Lampshade Making.

Participants will have my undivided attention - either while working one-on-one on your own project (such as restoring a small chair or lampshade you already own), or making a unique piece of furniture from scratch (eg: an ottoman or stool).
Alternatively, participants can take a lesson to learn a specific skill such as deep-buttoning, making piping, sewing cushions or timber refinishing.

Regardless of what you choose to work on in your private lesson you'll be taking home skills to enable you to undertake other projects in your own time. For instance, you might use a one-off private lesson to recover 1 dining chair seat, in order to then complete the rest of the set back at home. Or you might book a regular weekly lesson to work on a big ongoing project such as an armchair makeover, which you will continue to work on at home between lessons.

Apart from learning new skills, a huge advantage of a private lesson is that you'll have access to a fully professional workshop - the benefits of this are considerable:
* you'll be using a wide range of tools and equipment out of the price range of most DIYers (these include air-driven power tools, industrial sewing machines, commericial foam cutters, button-makers as well as a myriad of upholstery, wood-working and sewing tools built-up over years
* Industry-standard materials will be at your fingertips - basic workshop supplies (such as staples, hessians, webbing, sewing threads, glue, wood finishes) are included in the hourly rate, while more specific materials (commercial foam, fabric, furniture fittings etc) will be supplied at Trade prices
* if you're considering continuing this work at home (either as a hobby or business,) working in the Rapt workshop will help you decide which equipment is most important to you
* Tools and supplies will be available for purchase at Trade prices.

Here's how it works:

The main purpose of the inital meeting is to establish what you want to achieve in your lesson/s.
If this is to work on a specific item you already own (Project-driven) then this meeting will allow me to estimate how much work is involved, how long it might take, what supplies are required, and to provide an approximate cost for the total project. (Please note: it's impossible to accurately predict the final cost of a project because of a number of factors including how slowly or quickly you work, unforeseen problems arising in old furniture, and unknown costs of some supplies to be bought-in).

If the lessons are Project-driven, the item you bring must be pre-approved. Eligibility criteria include size and weight (can't be anything bigger than an armchair), degree of work required, difficulty of tasks involved. Eligibility can be determined either by email, or at the initial meeting.

If your goal for the lesson is Skill-driven, then our initial meeting will simply be to establish what skill/s you'd like to learn and how long you want to spend.

There's no charge for the initial meeting.

Private lessons are currently available on Fridays between 9am and 4pm
and Saturdays between 2 and 4pm
Appointments are available by the hour, with a 1 hour minimum
Bookings are available by contacting me direct, by email or phone (please don't pay anything through this online shop)

$ 70.00 /hour/ student
$ 120.00/hour/ 2 students*

Payment is due at the completion of each lesson and can be made by credit card or cash.
The price includes the hourly rate, plus whatever additional supplies have been used. (A rate sheet will be provided at the initial meeting).

* It's possible to share a private lesson with a friend, as long as you are both learning the same skills - or - working on the same project

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable, and will be charged for the time booked
Cancellations with more than 24hours notice are fully refundable.

Lessons are held in the Rapt studio, located at the end of a quiet country lane in beautiful Jamberoo, approx. 2hrs drive from either Sydney or Canberra. (Lots of varied accommodation options nearby; I'm happy to advise the top picks).

If you'd like to ask questions, arrange an initial meeting or discuss anything else I'd love to hear from you!
Kate Malfroy
phone: 0437 360 787
Jamberoo showroom: any Saturday between 9am and 12pm


Image of PRIVATE LESSON   POSTPONED till further notice Image of PRIVATE LESSON   POSTPONED till further notice Image of PRIVATE LESSON   POSTPONED till further notice Image of PRIVATE LESSON   POSTPONED till further notice